Some days are just not great.

My blog on blogger was hacked so I hope I can connect with my blogging friends over time again. I am going to add a text picture on my Instagram with my new address.

I have lost 10+ years of writing and sharing and all the links to my online friends. I am going to write a new blog and carry on through WordPress.

I had started a free WordPress page, same name, several years ago and I will leave the ‘start’ pages as I begin my next postings.

Hang in.




Learning All Over Again

This was written March 8, 2012.

I am changing from one blog world to another and leaving the old one behind. I am starting to learn about WordPress.

I am good at the other guys blog and hope I can become a happy user of the new blog.

At least the pictures come over nicely but I have to do the sizing before I save the picture to the post (lesson 1 for me).